Doug Dickey, VP of Sales

Douglas Dickey has more than 20 years working as a CEO, CFO in the fertilizer and plant nutrition industry. Having invented several high-tech products and processes providing environmentally safe products as well as Winery, Dairy, and wastewater and Algae remediation products.

Douglas graduated with an AS from Columbia Basin College, Pasco Wa. and has successfully built three Companies still active today. The first being a manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art technology, secondly a packaging and bottling facility, and finally a distribution company supplying products and services to more than ten states.

Douglas has also been successful in the network marketing industry with several companies as well as recently becoming a Diamond level distributor in less than 8 months. He understands the needs of distributors as well as the needs of the company to provide the correct opportunity for the market, the distributors, and the company's product line.

Rik Deitsch, CSO

Rik Deitsch, Chief Science Officer, and Director Rik Deitsch is the Chief Executive Officer of NutraPharma Corp, (, the owner of Pure Raw Supplies LLC and has served as the President of NDA Consulting Inc., a biotechnology research group that provided consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry.

NDA Consulting specialized in the research of peptides derived from Cone Snail venom, Cobra venom, and Gila Monster venom. Mr. Deitsch holds both a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Biochemistry from Florida Atlantic University and has conducted research for the Duke University Medical School Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Mr. Deitsch has been an adjunct professor and teaches several business courses for Florida Atlantic University's College of Business and Continuing Education Department. Mr. Deitsch is the creator of the Zeolite industry and considered one of the top formulators in the nutritional field.

Neil Roth, CEO

Neil Roth has over 45 years of experience in the consumer products industry and corporate management of large corporations. His experience includes top executive positions at Eckerd Drugs, Revco, Thrifty Drugs, Caldor’s, and Lionel Kiddie City, among others. Mr. Roth was the youngest executive ever to be named president of a drug chain with over $100 million in volume, when he, at only 31 years of age, accepted that office at Carl’s Drugs in New York.

Mr. Roth consistently led double-digit growth in sales and profits at all of the companies in which he served as a top executive. For the past twenty-five years, Mr. Roth has worked as a highly sought-after marketing consultant as well as president of a medical diagnostics company and electric vehicle company. To say the least, his top-level administrative experience in these multi-billion-dollar companies gives him the background to set up and run Avini’s administrative needs. Furthermore, Mr. Roth has been involved with the Direct Selling industry for over 25 years.